Q. How much does it cost to go to E.L.I.?

A. The majority of students receive full tuition coverage through state scholarship programs, however prices can vary depending on the amount of support your child requires. Please contact us if you would like more information regarding your specific case.

Q: What ages/grades do you service?

A: While eventually we intend to service PreK and four-year-old to 20-year-old students, our current group will be four to nine-year-old students and PreK to 3rd in the first classroom. All other age groups can receive push-in educational services where the educator comes to them.

Q: What qualifies a child to go to the E.L.I. classroom versus receiving push-in educational services in another environment (the ABA center, home)?

A: To qualify to go to the E.L.I. classroom, a child must be able to actively participate in a group of up to 10 peers without engaging in problem behaviors such as aggression and property destruction that require greater than a 1:1 support.  The child should be toilet trained to the degree that they are not diaper dependent and do not have accidents more than 2-3 times per week and they should be able to independently feed themselves preferred food items.

Q: My child doesn’t need more than 1:1 supports, but I’m not sure they can “actively participate”, what does that mean?

A: A child who can actively participate already has an established method of communication through which they are able to express their wants and needs and answer basic questions or follow basic commands.

Q: My child doesn’t qualify for the E.L.I. classroom, what educational supports are available to them?

A: E.L.I. offers push-in services as well! This means that the educator would come to the child in the ABA clinic or the home environment (in person or on Zoom), for short sessions (30 – 60 minutes depending on the child’s tolerance) and provide educational training, supports, and communication with the parents on a daily basis from there. This allows every child to qualify to access individualized educational supports where and how they need them until they’re ready for a larger, group environment. The teacher will coordinate goals with the child’s current supports to ensure that further educational activities are occurring beyond the 1:1 time provided by the teacher.

Q: What will a school day look like?

A: The E.L.I. school day will be from 8:30am – 2:30pm and will include instructional time in Math, Reading, Writing/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies daily. There will be one snack and one lunch period per day as well as two movement/recess times and one special area (p.e, art, music, or other specialty courses to be announced). Instructional times will be broken up into manageable length lessons and practice times and allow for each child to work at their skill level and within their attention span interspersing breaks as needed.

Q: Will E.L.I. be providing snacks and meals?

A: No. At this time, all snacks, meals, and drinks beyond water must be provided by the family to ensure that all children’s needs and preferences are met individually.

Q: Will E.L.I. be providing specialized therapy services?

A: No. E.L.I. and B.F.C. are working to develop relationships with local service providers to be able to offer those services within their environments through medical authorizations, but E.L.I. itself will not have those services integrated into the program.

Q: Will the teachers be certified?

A: Yes! All teachers working for E.L.I. will be fully certified and credentialed through the state and also have a minimum of 1 year of experience working with special needs children.

Q: Will parents receive daily contact or information?

A: Yes! All teachers will have daily contact with parents via a digital platform (Class Dojo) as well a through their child’s binder of work. That binder will provide a summary and overview of activities on both a daily and weekly basis so that the parent may see what to practice with their child at home as well.

Q: Will there be homework?

A: Research does not support the need for mandatory homework; however, we understand that many parents would like to practice with their children at home. Therefore, the binder will include lessons and instructions to allow the parent to keep up with current educational goals and practice at home if they choose.

Q: Will there be special area classes?

A: Yes! E.L.I. will provide music, art, and movement/PE classes weekly, as well as other specialty classes throughout the school year as they are available.

Q: Are there going to be field trips?

A: Yes! We will have opportunities for community-based instruction/fieldtrips on a quarterly basis depending on the presence of supports and locations and the needs of the children.

Q: Can I go with my child on his or her CBIs?

A. Absolutely, when they are younger.  As they become older (middle school age and up) and are going on the CBI to learn job related skills, parent involvement will be reduced.  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What would the parents need to supply?

A: Parents will be expected to supply a backpack, lunchbox, snacks, and lunch for their child on a daily basis as well as any toileting supplies they might need and/or an extra set of clothes to keep in the classroom. There will be a classroom wish list annually however, the wish list is voluntary, and any mandatory supplies will be provided by the school.

Q: What curriculum is used?

A: E.L.I. uses multiple based curriculums to draw from in order to individualize each child’s supports to their needs.

Q: Is the curriculum aligned with the Sunshine State Standards?

A: Yes! The curriculum will align with the most up-to-date Florida State Standards for Exceptional Education.

Q: Is testing required (FCAT/FSA)?

A: Ongoing testing will be administered periodically to assess a child’s skill level and progress. These assessments will be specific to their age, grade, and skill level but will not be the same standardized tests that are given by the public school system.

Q: Are there attendance requirements?

A: Yes, state scholarship programs require consistent attendance in order to maintain eligibility. Doctor’s notes can be used to excuse attendance when medically necessary. Otherwise, E.L.I. follows the same attendance requirements as the public school system.

Q: What if my child’s problem behaviors increase to the point that they need more than 1:1 supports?

A: If it is determined that a child no longer qualifies for the E.L.I. classroom for any reason, that child’s educational services can be transferred to push-in and administered in a more appropriate environment until they qualify again.

Q: Does my child have to have ABA to attend?

A: No. As long as your child is able to actively participate within one of our funding levels, ABA overlap is not required.

Q: Can I use an outside ABA company to provide services?

A: No. In order to provide consistency, maintain HIPAA privacy practices, and provide a fully integrated experience, E.L.I. solely partners with B.F.C. for ABA supports.

Q: What precautions will you be taking for COIVD-19?

A: E.L.I. will follow extensive protocols to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria including hand washing, sanitization, and the use of PPE. Children will not be required to wear masks.

Q: How will my child’s grade level be determined?

A: Each child’s curriculum will be individualized to their skill level in each area. This means that your child may be working on first grade materials in math, but kindergarten materials in language arts. Their skill level will be determined by assessments administered by the teacher and shared with the parent after every administration.

Q: What steps do I need to take with the school district?

A: None. E.L.I. is an approved private school through the Department of Education. Once your child is enrolled, the school notifies the state and takes care of any paperwork from there.

Q: Will my child receive grades and report cards?

A: Yes! E.L.I. will utilize standards based grading – providing a list of the standards necessary to complete each grade level in each subject area. Reports on your child’s progress on those standards will be provided on a quarterly basis. Throughout the quarter, individual progress on activities will be provided through contacts with the teacher and graded work sent home.

Q: Is this program year-round?

A: Yes! The E.L.I. school year is year-round with four weeks of closures – the week of spring break as determined by the Volusia County public school system, the week of July 4th, the week of Thanksgiving, and the week of Christmas; we are also closed for the national holidays (New Years Day, MLK, Memorial and Labor Day). The school is also closed the first Monday of every month for a teacher duty day.

Q: If my child receives ABA, do ABA services continue when the school is closed?

A: Yes! Unless BFC is closed, you can continue with your ABA services on days that the school is closed. We encourage you to use these sessions for community outings and parent training as much as possible.

Q: How do I enroll in E.L.I.?

A: Complete an enrollment application! The Director of Education – Ronald Diaz will be reviewing enrollment applications to determine eligibility and contacting parents promptly to schedule assessments or discuss the potential need for additional supports.

Q: What funding sources do you accept?

A: E.L.I. currently accepts the Gardiner FES-UA scholarship which can be applied for through StepupforStudents.org . The school is not a McKay provider at this time, but is actively working towards that qualification. The school also accepts privately funded applications.

Q: Can my child eventually graduate from E.L.I.?

A: Absolutely! E.L.I.’s program will progress through educational, social, and vocational training for all age levels into adulthood in order to assist your child in meeting their goals and giving them access to their dreams.

Q: Are shots/immunizations required?

A: Per the Department of Health, shot/immunization records are required. If a child holds a religious or medical exemption, it is required that their exemption be maintained on file.

Q: My child is on the B.F.C. waitlist and I want to put them in E.L.I. too, can I?

A: If your child qualifies for the E.L.I. classroom and is able to participate within a funded level of supports, they can absolutely get started! Unfortunately, if your child requires more intensive supports, they will need to wait to have those supports in place before they’re able to receive E.L.I. services. An alternative to that is that the educational provider could provide push-in supports in the family home.

Q: If E.L.I. closes due to COVID will there be a virtual option?

A: If the school closes due to COVID, materials will be sent home for the children to work on. Teachers will provide 1:1 coaching and supports through a virtual platform like Zoom but will not hold full on virtual classes due to the individualized curriculums and needs of the children.